Statement of Service to Our Clients

If you have come to this website, then you are undoubtedly in need of legal advice. The issue may be a necessary divorce, division of assets, Order of Protection, separation from a significant other, child custody or support issues, guardianship of a minor child or one of many other issues that arise in our family relationships.

Now it is time to act

We are a law firm who has dedicated over 30 years to the practice of family law. We have extensive experience in all aspects of family law including trials, mediation, custody and settlement negotiations. We understand that the dissolution of a marriage is at best stressful, and at worst, a traumatic experience for all members of the family. Besides having a thorough knowledge of the law, we believe that an important component of our jobs is to assist clients by listening carefully to their concerns and responding compassionately to help reduce their fears and anxiety. Through a careful initial consultation, we take the time to explain to clients their rights, responsibilities, options, and potential outcomes and consequences arising out of the various options that the law provides. We carefully and professionally guide you through all aspects of the dissolution process.

Cases with Children:  #1 Priority Your Children

Many cases involve children. We believe it is imperative, (the number one priority), to keep the needs of your children at the forefront of your case. We will actively work to protect you and your children from the stress of the litigation to the best of our abilities. We know that having attorneys who are available and responsive is of extreme importance, particularly in family law cases. Our policy is to return phone calls promptly, meaning the same day, and to keep clients informed of the case progress every step of the way. Our goal is to provide honest, comprehensive, empathetic guidance to our clients throughout the pendency of their case, as well as providing excellent legal advice and representation.

Case Resolution

Whenever possible, we will attempt to resolve all cases through thorough and skilled negotiations resulting in settlement agreements. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In some cases, settlement attempts fail by virtue of the facts, the nature of the dispute, and the parties themselves. In the event your case must proceed to trial, we will aggressively protect your legal rights in court.

Responsive Communication

We are committed to delivering excellent, professional personal service to our clients. We return phone calls and e-mails promptly and keep clients informed on what is happening with their case. We will attempt to meet you on the days and times that best fit into your schedule, including weekends.

We all need to understand that the only real winners in divorce are those that can move on with their lives unencumbered by anger, guilt and the need for retribution. We are dedicated to your success as you move into your new life.

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